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only business transformation which is made part of the company’s dna will succeed

… and dos Santos empowers business leaders to master the core proficiencies of successful change and business transformation.

Customized disruption

Successful business transformation is defined by three qualities. First, it extracts critical business drivers from the very beginning. Second, it builds a certain immediacy that allows for rapid progress and fast movement. Third, it ensures that the new, required expertise is immediately built into the company’s DNA. Yet, there is no single solution you can easily follow or copy from others. You have to develop your individual system based on your specific needs, challenges, and goals project by project. You need to design the process details and tools and decide on which internal and external expertise needs to be involved. We call this customized disruption.

We help business executives master these qualities and implement a proven successful transformation system for the creation and development of solutions in their own company.

The three qualitites that drive the success of business transformation projects.


Building the north star for your project – the core insights.

Our thought leaders work together with our client to develop a collective genius, based on their combined expertise, to identify the critical drivers, motivations, needs, principles, and trends for the success of your project.


Only Seven steps from the briefing to a detailed concept.

We build immediacy and speed on your project with the help of a proven successful system that is universally applicable and turns chaos and uncertainty into control and predictability.


Making innovation and change part of your business’ DNA.
This is fundamental for lasting success.

We help you to drive this change, and amalgamate the required external expertise with the business proficiency of your team. We lay the foundation stone to free you from longterm, external dependencies and build in-house expertise.

access an exclusive


thought leader collective


… and dos Santos is proud of working with a collective of great minds from the fields of science, technology, business and the arts. These thought leaders build the source for any required new knowledge. Based on their wealth of expertise, we extract powerful new insights and fresh ideas for each project. In addition, they give us the opportunity to take into account important knowledge for the execution and implementation from the first day of each project.





“Through the exchange of thoughts and ideas with the … and dos Santos experts, e.g. with product designer Ronen Kadushin, I was inspired to see and redesign future customer needs from a completely new perspective … “

Harald Melwisch
General Manager Austria & Chief Digital Officer DACH

The Coca-Cola Company

“The strengths of … and dos Santos lie in their focus on developing deep insights, strong ideas and facilitating lateral thinking through the implementation of a high quality and utterly individualised project team. For our ‘Design to Win Strategy’ … and dos Santos created a tailor-made collective comprised of creatives, strategists and experts that precisely matched our specific needs. We continually had market-leading experts on hand who could advise and consult on our project .”

Till Schütte
EU Director CM, P&P Prod. & Marketing Technology

Axel Springer

“Over the last months … and dos Santos supported us developing a new digital product. To me it was important to use a fresh resource for both generating ideas and developing the strategy. From the outset I was impressed by their innovative agency model: The way in which their creative process mirrors how creativity exists in our society today and creates a collective intelligence. In particular the interplay between multifaceted expertise from across the creative and strategic spectrum helped us reaching stronger insights and clearer successcriteria, from which … and dos Santos formed an outstanding product concept. The agency has carved out an interesting path to a more effective use of creative services in the fields of marketing and communication.”


Pit Gottschalk
Managing Director


Immobilien Scout

“… and dos Santos professionalism coupled with their innovative power and the thoroughness are impressive. Active thinking and the ability to resolve challenges, were elements present from the beginning until the end of the project; they led to a great end result. We now have many interesting and exciting solutions that help our customers to enter into further and closer partnerships in the future. We must now prioritise the abundance of ideas coming from and dos Santos. For other areas of IS24, even some solutions can be implemented. Our expectations were more than fulfilled and gladly shared with other areas in our house.”

Joern Hagenguth
Head of Business Unit “Relocations Services



“… I specifically chose and dos Santos for a rather strategic metaquestion „How to gain cultural relevance with my brand“ … we were lacking a clear mission and POV as a brand. I think the most unique part of adS is their setup – the very lean core-team but a highly-competent huge collective of creators that allows to put various perspectives on a meta-question in order to really think outside the box and push the boundaries. Apart from that I felt that the process is very collaborative (workshop-style) and for me the biggest contribution of adS was to push me to think, rethink and reflect about my brand. Concrete results were a clear brand mission … In addition the project initiated several sub-projects to make the brand mission come to life and improve brand experience … General management was impressed by the presentation, especially the strategic framework …”

Mareike Bell
Marketing Director L’Oreal Paris Skin Care

Dusseldorf Airport

“We hired … and dos Santos in 2018 to help us develop a new, forwardlooking commercial strategy for Düsseldorf Airport … The extraordinary strength of and dos Santos is the Innovation Lab. This was built up … with their experts in the areas of infrastructure, e-commerce, retail, operations, community, sales and IoT and our sales, marketing and retail specialists and has developed unique, relevant solutions … The concepts developed will help us to increase our relevance as a commercial location and secure it in the long term. Existing business customer relationships can be strengthened and new potentials can be exploited.

The result received so positive feedback from the management and shareholders that, in the next step, we will tackle mobility and passenger issues together with … and dos Santos.”

Ilse Ruffer
VP BU Customer Management

Olympus Europe


“… The team of “and dos Santos” guided us through the software selection process and led the supplier communication. It was also very valuable for us to have a strong partner in this project to make the most of innovative hardware such as smart glasses and software.

Project management support was excellent and execution speed was high. In the implementation, “and dos Santos” carried out the tests and the validation.”

Jens Riegel
Head Innovation & IT Demand