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… and dos Santos is a fast growing innovation and change incubator for marketing and communication based in Berlin. We connect brands with the genius of our diverse collective of creators to explore, develop and create stronger insights and ideas for brand worlds and stories

We work best for those who share our desire and values for positive achievements and influence …



Content is an inflationary and transient commodity. It can be created anywhere and distributed by anyone. But ... the quality of the content idea, the ability to touch people's zest for stories, myths and rituals is the differentiating element here. In order to access the best ideas, we stay close to and work directly with today's real creative: The creators Artists, who, regardless of their field of expertise, are driven by the ability to form and execute their own ideas. ... and dos Santos is proud of working with a collective of truly inspiring minds from various artistic fields like music, digital, film, photography, design, journalism and more.


... and dos Santos believes that working with diverse creative teams will aggregate the power of ideas and drive their wider relevance and longevity. Therefore we work with small collectives assembled of artists and communication strategists to develop strategy, ideation and execution. These can be for example teams build of film directors with digital producers and journalists or musicians with photographers and event planners where a strategist moderates their collaboration and leads the development of the strategy. They are appointed by the specific project objectives and the need for a healthy friction. Our straightforward, customizable development and execution process avoids the common complexity and duplication and helps marketers to save up to a fifth of the usual resources.


... and dos Santos synthesizes the connection and the creative planning into one holistic communication strategy to build consistency, endurance and potency for ideas. We think of it like a good plot for a story that links the "why", "what" and "who" with the "when", "where" and "how". Driven by the client's objectives and a sincere category-neutral view, the strategy is sharpened in collaboration with the creators to unleash the idea's full potential.

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Creative Lecture

Our founder and CEO, Ricardo dos Santos Miquelino, had the pleasure to give a lecture on creative management at Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany. The lecture series was in partnership with Agile Media where considerable theorists and successful practitioners of international media industry provide an insight of their expertise.


Micro Phone Lens

For our client, Vodafone Germany, we created a new series of documentation called "Vodafone Sparks." The first episode presents the Micro Phone Lens developed by Thomas Larson. His invention transforms the traditional, bulky microscopes into something no bigger than our own fingertip ...


Mind Pulse

Our latest project for Accenture engages people using an exciting IOT experience. The video coverage is now online ...


Newsletter Nov '15

Today’s hottest brands, AirBnB and Uber to name a few, allow a peer-based movement and let people get exactly what they need from each other while still generating revenue. Paradoxically, these companies claim none to the resources that they have ...



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  • "We had a lot of great conversations and made a big step forward towards our goal to create excitement and engagement for new innovations and opportunities in the world of digital communication. The easiness of creation using just a smartphone or tablet and a construction kit that does not cost more than a pizza was both surprising and fascinating for our visitors." - Guido Weber, Head of Sales Promotions & Events, Vodafone GmbH

  • "... and dos Santos' approach to offer uncompromising consumer centric product strategies, helped us developing a sustainable, new product for a saturated market. Especially their interpretation of the results from market research and the translation of these insights into a brand and product strategy were of pivotal importance ... " Marcel Mohaupt, VP Pay TV - Marcel Mohaupt, VP Pay TV ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG

  • "Over the last months ... and dos Santos supported us developing a new digital product. To me it was important to use a fresh resource for both generating ideas and developing the strategy. From the outset I was impressed by their innovative agency model: The way in which their creative process mirrors how creativity exists in our society today and creates a collective intelligence. In particular the interplay between multifaceted expertise from across the creative and strategic spectrum helped us reaching stronger insights and clearer success-criteria, from which ... and dos Santos formed an outstanding product concept. The agency has carved out an interesting path to a more effective use of creative services in the fields of marketing and communication." - Pit Gottschalk, Managing Director, Axel Springer

  • "The strengths of ... and dos Santos lie in their focus on developing deep insights, strong ideas and facilitating lateral thinking through the implementation of a high quality and utterly individualised project team. For our 'Design to Win Strategy' ... and dos Santos created a tailor-made collective comprised of creatives, strategists and experts that precisely matched our specific needs. We continually had market-leading experts on hand who could advise and consult on our project ..." - Till Schütte, European Head of Design & Graphics Production, The Coca-Cola Company

  • "... The content of their trainings have been extremely clear and the modules have been easy to understand. The mix between in-depth knowledge, examples and exercises as well as the strong focus on the workshop to meet our specific needs have been great. This support has helped us in finalizing our brand house and essence as well as being more clear on our creative work." - Hanne Birkbo, North West Europe & Nordics Marketing Manager, The Coca-Cola Company

  • "... and dos Santos professionalism coupled with their innovative power and the thoroughness are impressive. Active thinking and the ability to resolve challenges, were elements present from the beginning until the end of the project; they led to a great end result. We now have many interesting and exciting solutions that help our customers to enter into further and closer partnerships in the future. We must now prioritise the abundance of ideas coming from and dos Santos. For other areas of IS24, even some solutions can be implemented. Our expectations were more than fulfilled and gladly shared with other areas in our house." - Joern Hagenguth, Head of Media/New Business, Immobilien Scout GmbH

  • "... I specifically chose and dos Santos for a rather strategic meta-question „How to gain cultural relevance with my brand“. I felt for a longer time that Loreal Paris skin care is a strong brand with a differentiating DNA – however we were lacking a clear mission and POV as a brand. I think the most unique part of adS is their setup – the very lean core-team but a highly-competent huge collective of creators that allows to put various perspectives on a meta-question in order to really think outside the box and push the boundaries. Apart from that I felt that the process is very collaborative (workshop-style) and for me the biggest contribution of adS was to push me to think, rethink and reflect about my brand. Concrete results were a clear brand mission (verbal + in emotional mood film) that serves as guideline for our daily work and as content for internal / external presentations etc. In addition the project initiated several sub-projects to make the brand mission come to life and improve brand experience – e.g. rework of the coffret portfolio + set-up of a tester-strategy in drug. My expectations were met – even though its not easy at all parts of the process to understand whats coming out of it and you need to have some trust in adS, otherwise it does not work! General management was impressed by the presentation, especially the strategic framework ..." - Mareike Bell, Marketing Director Skin Care, L'Oréal Deutschland


posted on August 3rd, 2016 | in projects

Accenture Campus Innovation Promotion 2016

“A glance into the future” … and dos Santos facilitated an exciting Augmented Reality (AR) experience for students from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Highlights included the main take outs from...

posted on July 26th, 2016 | in projects

Vodafone Giga Art

To showcase the diverse possibilities of Vodafone’s Gigabit Age and engage the in-store audiences in discovering the company’s new offer we elevated the usual selfie to a new level. Using...

posted on January 7th, 2016 | in projects

Vodafone Sparks – DIY

For our client, Vodafone Germany, we created a new series of documentation and DIY video called “Vodafone Sparks.” We highlight the subculture of makers whose innovation enhances the role of...

posted on December 15th, 2015 | in projects

Vodafone Sparks – Micro Phone Lens

For our client, Vodafone Germany, we created a new series of documentation and DIY video called “Vodafone Sparks.” We highlight the subculture of makers whose innovation enhances the role of...

posted on October 26th, 2015 | in inspiration

Mind Pulse

The „Mind pulse“ installation engages people via an exciting IOT experience. Leveraging on latest generation EEGs (Electroencephalography tracking devices), two players played against each others’ brain power. Basic concept is...

posted on August 26th, 2015 | in projects

ZIEGERT Financial Services

Development of the new brand and communication strategy and execution of the campaign idea “Meine Miete gehört mir” for the financing department of the Ziegert Bank- und Immobilienconsulting GmbH. „We wanted to...

posted on July 20th, 2015 | in inspiration

Accenture Campus Innovation

The Campus Innovation Tour is a central European experience platform used by Accenture to raise awareness and engagement as employer among university students. The experience main focus is to portray...

posted on May 15th, 2015 | in projects

Accenture – Digital You …

At Accenture’s job & recruitment fair booth during the CeBIT 2015 young visitors could leave a remarkable job application photo. They just had to take a selfie and our vertical...

posted on April 22nd, 2015 | in inspiration

Tough Mudder

    Finding a German expression of the global creative idea, translating this into a communication strategy and executional ideas.    

posted on April 10th, 2015 | in projects

Axel Springer

Analyzed the global digital news market, defined principles and core insights as well as the strategic framework and three prototypes (concepts and design) for digital news 3.0 at Axel Springer

posted on April 8th, 2015 | in projects

The Coca-Cola Company

Support the development and implementation of the Europe-wide ‘Design to Win Strategy’ Creating and conducting trainings on integrated marketing communication and core creative idea development Defining the core creative ideas...

posted on March 11th, 2015 | in projects

Vodafone and Makers …

Maker’s world principles can be applied on many different marketing areas such as market research, product development and brand experience. Staying truth to Vodafone’s slogan „Was immer Du vorhast“ …...


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