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… and dos Santos provides exceptional products and services that would help you to strive for success and unleash the potential – reaching the 2nd and 3rd horizons.



We build a temporary lab to work with your team to develop incremental or disruptive solutions from your company’s core business. You get direct access to our collective. Whether start-up CEO, digital expert, AI scientist, blockchain consultant, VR designer, prototype builder or retail and e-commerce specialist – we put together the best team for every task. In doing so, we ensure that you utilize the knowledge within your company and add new, needed knowledge in your company with the expertise of our collective to develop sustainable solutions. Depending on the task, the duration of this lab is between 6 and 18 weeks.

Developing Solutions for Your Company

We treat ourselves with the courage and the freedom to look at issues comprehensively and question them. We act in the interest of the customer – also by contradicting. We help you to gain clarity about which drivers of your business have the best potential to transform. Together with your team, we develop transformation solutions and deliver detailed concepts up to a mature MVP (minimum viable product).

Sustainable Solutions are more than just Concepts

However, the development of viable concepts is only the beginning. We also support you with our execution expertise in the production of MVPs as well as the testing and the later implementation phase.



Implementation of a one-day lab to jointly develop solutions to strategic questions in your company. In each case, we form a tailor-made team of experts consisting of your employees as well as our thought leaders from business, science, technology, and the arts. We create a purposeful collective genius.

The Creation of a Purposeful, Collective Genius

For a successful sprint, we get more involved in the preparation of your questions and look at existing solutions, trends, competition, target groups, etc.. We provide well-founded insights and develop first approaches for the 1-Day-Lab, as a basis for the common challenge and finding solutions with your team and our experts.

Creating the Foundations for Further Development

We summarize the results of the labs for you in the form of initial conceptual approaches that provide you with a sound basis for further development. Our goal is to provide you with solutions that you can then implement independently with your own internal resources and teams. If required, we will gladly assist you with additional resources and help to close existing gaps (especially with new, required expert knowledge) in the company for a successful implementation.



We support you in the implementation of jointly developed solutions and MVP’s, whether new product development, design concepts or setting up a new digital service. We support you with experience, competence and resources on demand.

We offer competence and resources for successful implementation

We have decades of experience in initiative management and roll-out of group-wide transformation projects, and we will guide you safely along this path. And if a conventional approach is not appropriate, e.g. for complex strategy and innovation issues, our experts will help you find new ways for New Work, Design Thinking, Lean Start-Up, Scrum, and / or Kanban to help you find the best solution..

We teach methodological competence.

We accompany you in the innovation and are booked to abolish us again. We grow with our customers, not into them. We go, abilities remain.



With our Innovation Performance Study, we help you to develop an analysis of your company’s innovation power. We look at your past performance and give an assessment of how well you are prepared for future challenges.

Innovation in Context

For your study, we analyze previous projects, compare your business and approaches with their direct and indirect competition, identify the opportunities and risks in the existing system, and give you pointers to the trends that will have a impact in the next five years on your business.

We deliver measures and scenarios for the future

The result of our work will help you to make the necessary decisions regarding the required orientation of the transformation. We also recommend to eliminate unnecessary measures and projects.



The Innovation Category Study gives you an overview of the current transformation trends and projects within your market. We will show you how your direct and indirect competition and similar industries are successfully positioned to master today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

Market Observation from the Business Models

Our study shows you which trends are being followed and which new technologies are being used. We explain how business models evolve and how new start ups successfully meet market needs. 

We recommend measures and scenarios for the future

The study provides you with insights into your market in the context of innovation. We will show you which possible opportunities are arising for you and where you have to expect more competition in the future.



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