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Jan Fiedler

….. is a tech enthusiast based in the beautiful countryside of the Bavarian Allgäu. After starting his life in the media business as a 3D animator, he has worked as a visual effects producer for over a decade on award winning shows like “Star Trek”, the “Fast-and-Furious” movies and he won a Primetime Emmy Award for his work on the second season of the HBO hit TV series “Game of Thrones”. Always being on the lookout for innvative new technologies, Jan started to work with virtual reality as soon as the Oculus DK1 launched, as it made the technology widely available for media experiences of all kinds. He was project manager for interactive experiences for clients like IBM and National Geographic. Most recently he is researching methods of knowledge transfer and collaboration via mixed reality technology, bringing together partners from universities and industry leaders as well as members of the civil society to work on innovative solutions for the upcoming challenges of the digital age.