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Adina Popescu

… is a Virtual & Augmented Reality Specialist, an Entrepreneur, and is combining VR, machine learning and DLT Technology in order to create the platforms of the future. She has advised Apple (its in house Agency Media Arts Lab) in Los Angeles on Virtual Reality and viral story, has advised McKinsey on VR and team management, has advised on the integration of augmented reality features for the dating app HAPPN.

She worked as a direct advisor to Peter Seligmann, Chair of Conservation International (CI) on new forms of engagement via immersive & viral storytelling – which led to Conservation International’s VR experience Valens Reef @ Chris Milks company WITHIN.

She has a deeply rooted interest in Nature Conservation and was the curator of a conference format called ‘Parley for the Oceans’ –organised on behalf of Pharrell Williams and Bionic Yarn, aiming to find bio mimicry solutions in industrial production.