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Question …


When is the right moment to diversify a brand or product and how? – Beiersdorf (Oskar&Paul),


Solution …


A blueprint for diversification at Beiersdorf


We explored the frameworks of diversification through in-depth analysis of products and brands. We covered the established as well as the new stars and fools in the fields of FMCG and new digital markets. Additionally we used interviews to dive deeper into the rules for success.

The final deliverable is a blue print for successful diversification in the future.


The client’s feedback …


 “We consulted … and dos Santos to answer a fundamental question for our business model: What are the prerequisites to further differentiate brands and products in the market successfully? 


Through in-depth analysis of various markets and brand examples as well as supplementary interviews with opinion leaders on this topic, we not only received concrete answers but also many new insights and a general guide for the possible further development of brands and products. An extraordinary and very relevant project result whose quality stands for itself.”


Stefan Biel
, Innovation Director OSCAR & PAUL, Beiersdorf


Want to learn more about how we created a blueprint for diversification at Beiersdorf or our category studies in general? Just contact us or learn more about how we helped Axel Springer creating a blueprint for digital news here.