ZIEGERT Financial Services
posted on August 26th, 2015 | in projects

ZIEGERT Financial Services

Development of the new brand and communication strategy and execution of the campaign idea “Meine Miete gehört mir” for the financing department of the Ziegert Bank- und Immobilienconsulting GmbH.

„We wanted to move away from the industry typical presentation of property owners and the prejudice that you have to sacrifice if you want to buy a house.  … and dos Santos has not only created a new, inspiring world for the creative middle class. They have taken property acquisition to a higher level by connecting it to the deep motivation of the target group for a self-determined life, too.”, says Dorothea Metasch, Head of Marketing & Research at Ziegert.

Concept and Creative Lead: Ricardo dos Santos Miquelino

Strategy: Carola Ast

Art: Yurj Zini

Copy: Ingo Klein

Production: Gonca Reitz

Photographer: Dan Zoubek

Stylist: Sandra Furth

Post Production: PX1 Berlin

Client: Ziegert Bank- und Immobilienconsulting GmbH

ZIegert Kunden Magazin

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