Vodafone Sparks – Micro Phone Lens
posted on December 15th, 2015 | in projects

Vodafone Sparks – Micro Phone Lens

For our client, Vodafone Germany, we created a new series of documentation and DIY video called “Vodafone Sparks.” We highlight the subculture of makers whose innovation enhances the role of ordinary smartphones and tablets, turning them into high-tech gadgets while helping our world into a better place to live in – one invention at a time.
The first episode presents the Micro Phone Lens developed by Thomas Larson. This amazing breakthrough will surely revolutionise the scientific world forever. His invention transforms the traditional, bulky microscopes into something no bigger than our own fingertips, giving researchers from all backgrounds access to an affordable and portable scientific gadget. Read the full coverage here

Creative Lead and Concept: Ricardo dos Santos Miquelino
Curation und Idea: Ronen Kadushin
Art Direction: Yurj Zini
Project Manager: Andrea Wachtveitl
Camera & Direction: Jan Rödger
Direction & Production: Dirk Herzog
Editing: Max H. Räder


Thomas Larson



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