Vodafone Sparks – DIY

For our client, Vodafone Germany, we created a new series of documentation and DIY video called “Vodafone Sparks.” We highlight the subculture of makers whose innovation enhances the role of ordinary smartphones and tablets, turning them into high-tech gadgets while helping our world into a better place to live in – one invention at a time.

In the second episode, we guide viewers to create their own “video stabiliser” for their smartphones. The materials used will cost you less than 8 EUR. A creative solution for the video-makers savvy who want to enhance their work into a masterpiece. Watch the video here as Laszlo Sztana presents an easy-going, step by step guide and immerse yourself into the process.

Creative Lead and Concept: Ricardo dos Santos Miquelino
Curation und Idea: Ronen Kadushin
Art Direction: Yurj Zini
Project Manager: Andrea Wachtveitl
Camera & Direction: Jan Rödger
Host: Laszlo Sztana