Vodafone Giga Art
posted on July 26th, 2016 | in projects

Vodafone Giga Art

To showcase the diverse possibilities of Vodafone’s Gigabit Age and engage the in-store audiences in discovering the company’s new offer we elevated the usual selfie to a new level. Using a KUKA industrial robot and a Huawei P9 smartphone portraits were transformed into an artistic drawing within a few minutes. The participation was open to all visitors at the Vodafone Big Red stores. At the end of the action they took their signed Robo-portrait as a take-away with them.


As the lead agency … and dos Santos was responsible for the concept, the creation and production of the idea. The in-store activation was led by the gate communication group. Other partners include the production company marvel Film from Vienna (Robotics) and Pixomondo Images (app).
You can watch the full video here.


client:  Vodafone GmbH 
responsible erson:  Jan Leistenschlag, Marketing Communications Manager


lead agency:  … and dos Santos 
concept and creative direction: Ricardo dos Santos Miquelino 
art: Magdalena Szymaniec
copy: Andree Bock
project management: Andrea Wachtveitl, Uleshka Usher


production: Wunderwerk Film GmbH, Pixomondo Images GmbH & Co.KG
activation: gate communication group GmbH






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