Taan Newjam

… TAAN “DRAGONMAN” NEWJAM is a German-Asian multi-instrumentalist and songwriter/producer/DJ who lives and works in Berlin.
Taan is also the founder of the URBASIAN LIFESTYLE CLUB (ULC) which is an on- and offline social club and record label of like-minded people sharing the same love for good music, events & fashion. URBASIAN.com provides the latest news and updates of upcoming stars in the art world such as: Taan Newjam, Chopstick (Taan’s younger brother), Denis The Menace (his childhood friend) as well as Nhan&Taan.
Most notably, Taan was nominated for a Grammy in 2004 for the song “Lipstick” by Alejandra Guzman (BMG) which he co-wrote with Desmond Child. He has also successfully written, produced/remixed American and European superstars such as: B2K & P. Diddy, Britney Spears & Madonna, Lil Jon feat. Usher & Ludacris, Nina Sky, Sarah Connor, Sugababes, Paul Cless and many more.
He has a strong record of successfully delivered projects for brands such as Adidas, Blaupunkt, Braun, McDonalds, Saturn and Vodafone, to name just a few.