Stefan Holländer

… is an sales and marketing expert with a wealth of experience in the fast moving consumer and commercial goods industry. His work puts a focus on driving innovative solutions for the retail and e-commerce market.

Stefan’s passion for new technologies and his belief in the positive power of diversity led him to deliver outstanding results in his different leadership roles for global bluechip companies. His track record includes companies like Hewlett Packard, Silicon Graphics, VAIO, SONY Electronics, Nikon and Microsoft to name a few.

In addition, Stefan gathered further expertise in sales & procurement, process reengineering and business strategy as the co-founder of Averi Consulting. At the moment he is working on a new start-up project, combining IoT, cloud technologies and big data analytics to offer innovative retail services.

His source of energy and inspiration? Once in a while a break – running, climbing, skiing or cycling, as long as it moves him forward …