Sheila lives in Berlin and works as a multi-disciplinary designer. She got a BA in Communication Design in 1998, then moved to Hamburg where she started working as a graphic designer. During that time she held a variety of design positions with some of the best known and most highly respected companies in Germany, such as Springer & Jacoby, Meiré and Meiré, Scholz and Volkmer and Philipp und Keuntje. Since then, she has also worked for a range of clients including Mercedes, Nike, Montblanc and Levis.
After spending a year travelling around the world, she started working as a freelance illustrator, graphic designer and art director, which she does currently from her ‘atelier’ in Berlin.
Sheila remains open to crossing into different fields and techniques, leading her to unique and highly individual designs and projects. Having constantly experimented with ideas in her own free time, Sheila brings a real motivation and passion into her work. The ablity to create highly personal work as an end product is always more important to her than the commercial value of her creations.
Sheila has won several awards for her achievements including the prestigious ADC.