Wolf Jeschonnek

Besides his Job as Partner and CEO at Makea Industries GmbH / Fab Lab Berlin Wolf is a visiting professor for product design at the Weissensee School of Art and Design. His main field of expertise is in Rapid Prototyping and Digital Fabrication in which he has more than 5 years of experience –  as founder and manager as well as hands on designer and instructor at the art college Weissensee. In 2012 he spent many months in various hacker spaces, tech shops and fab labs around the U.S and Europe in order to learn all about their business models, work flows and educational approaches. Subsequently, he founded Fab Lab Berlin, incorporating everything he has learnt about digital production methods and best practices.

Before and while studying in Berlin, Wolf was a member of the German National Sailing Team and always a passionate Maker: He started his regatta career with a self-made Contender racing dinghy.