Andreas Gebhard

… is a go-getting digital entrepreneur, and the founder and managing partner of several successful companies in Berlin. Since mid-2015, he has been realizing his ideas and concepts mainly through the medium of project and investment company Creator Broker Owner (CBO). CBO invests in young companies that think outside the box and for whom the words “solidarity” and “usefulness” are not simply high-sounding buzzwords. Andreas puts his know-how and wide-ranging network of contacts into helping these emerging businesses to develop their business models. He is a firm believer in the merits of a diverse mix of corporate philosophies and financing forms. He organizes and holds workshops, presentations and consultation sessions, providing the space and attention that these forward-looking project ideas need in order to flourish. Sometimes the ideas are other people’s, sometimes his own that he has had to postpone.

As co-founder of newthinking communications GmbH, a company where technology, the internet, the media, culture and politics intersect. Andreas focuses on Open Source strategies and network policy. As managing director and co-founder of re:publica, he chairs one of the world’s most important conferences on digital society topics. By way of contrast, he is also one of the initiators of the Torstraße Festival, which is dedicated to creating a forum for contemporary and relevant developments on the Berlin music scene and turning music into a palpable aspect of urban life. Like the motivation behind the projects that Andreas brings to life, the music festival program treads a line that is always a little off the mainstream.