Damiano Vukotic (RSA)

Damiano is the head of Sales and Digital Strategy at RSA Films Ltd. His job entails promoting the film production company’s commercial and musicvideo directors to traditional, digital advertising and media agencies throughout UK, Europe and worldwide. He also liaises with foreign production companies worldwide to generate new business for the directors RSA represents.

He sources new talent and explores all new opportunities for RSA’s business from brands and agencies working across all the new, rapidly evolving mobile and internet platforms who are looking to bring more consumer engagement and value through original film and storytelling content ‘being involved in Philips Parallel Lines campaign (The Gift, Carl Erik Rinsch’s film for Philips, internationally awarded with the Grand Prix for Cannes Lions 2010).

He likes nothing better than to meet, inspire and to connect with likeminded people and bring about some kind of creative change even if it’s just connecting people.