Mo Drescher

the founder of MODC, THE VISIONARY OFFICE. As the creative director, he supports corporate organisations to optimise their sustainability strategies and communication. Furthermore he initiates workshops such as ECO KILLS THE WORLD and LET’S MAKE GOOD MONEY, where he helps organisations to understand the complex topics and point out possible sources of defect in their strategy and communication while presenting economically viable solutions. MODC’s reference list includes the fashion label UMASAN, skateboard retailer TITUS , VIERI Haute Joaillerie , the EARTH BEAT FOUNDATION , ELMOTO E – BIKES, the advertising agency SAINT ELMOS, the consulting firm KPMG , frozen manufacturers FROSTA, RICOLA, the sustainable caterer MENU AND MORE Zurich, MOTEL ONE, EPEA Hamburg, the textile finisher I:CO / CLA, the French luxury label PETIT H by Hermès, the investment house DR PETERS, the SKJERVEN GROUP, the automobile manufactory BIZZARRINI AUTOMOBILE, the soap manufacturer DEAR SOAP (SHOWERTOWER) and many more.

Mo is also known as the publisher of Lifestyle & Sustainability online magazine NATCH.