Magnus von Keil

… It may sound like a stage name – but in fact that’s his born name.

He has been working for many years in radio and television broadcasting, for example at rbb. Here he co-hosts the legendary radioeins Radio Show together with Britta Steffenhagen, which has been honored with the „German Radio Award“ in 2017 as „Best Show“.
In addition, Magnus is heard every week with his „rarities of horror“ on radioeins, where he devotes himself to his passion for particularly bizarre and strange music …

In general, music plays a big role in Magnus‘ life: he plays several instruments, sings and writes his own songs. With his band (die Herr von Keil Band) Magnus plays songs that deliberately do not express a clear stylistic stamp: charismatic German pop / Rock music with carefully crafted ambiguity – somewhere between variety theater and Neue Deutsche Welle. With this cosmic mixture, the band has already appeared several times live on air on the radio.
In autumn 2016, the first single of the Herr von Keil Band appeared with a bittersweet ode to the Warsaw Bridge. At the moment the group is working on the first complete album.

In addition, Magnus is active as a dubbing and advertising spokesman. And in the Berlin nightlife Mr. von Keil is no stranger: as a hopeless 80s fetishist he regularly shoots original vinyl from his favorite decade.