Hanno Bäucker

… established the collective ‘Die Farm’, out of which the Conceptstore Best Shop and Club tràkaBA emerged. With these a continually expanding network of designers, programmers, photographers, illustrators, writers, editors and conceptualists also came into being.
Since then, he has worked as a Freelance Designer, Creative Director, Senior Art Director and Design Consultant for agencies and various clients. His work has always stood out with its exemplary creative standard in design, analytical strategy and originality. With these qualities, he has been able to successully form a strong bridge between the world of labels and their target audiences – in the areas of sport, fashion, music and lifestyle.
Bäucker ‘s track record is impressive; he has worked in the past for the likes of BMW Group/Mini, Four Music, Absolut Vodka and many more. His work has been awarded with prizes such as the New Media Award in 2007, silber ddp, The FAB Award and most recently, also with the Reddot Design Award.
What’s more, Hanno Bäucker is the founder of the fashion label ‘Mazooka’ (est. 2003) and the Hessian/French ‘Vesperbar Brut’ (est. 2011) which allow him to keep expanding both his network and also his artistic interests.