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Elisabetta del Ponte

… is a London-Milan based marketing consultant focusing on brand and creative strategy. Elisabetta has followed a career pathway through which she has been instrumental in providing communications solutions for global clients via her roles in both their collaborating agencies and the companies themselves.

Elisabetta’s positions have included Creative Excellence Manager for the Coca-Cola Company and Communication strategist for the Luxottica company, developing campaigns for the Fanta, Diet Coke / Coca-Cola light, Powerade drinks brands as well as for the Persol, Vogue and KillerLoop brands. During her time at Ogilvy & Mather she worked on the “BP alternative energy” launch and the Dove campaign for “realbeauty”.

Her extensive experience with this multivarious portfolio of clients and digital interest has allowed Elisabetta to explore also qualitative and ethnographic research through online tools and set of techniques; with these Elisabetta has explored new way of talking to consumers, giving her unique access to the relevant insights so crucial to the brand strategies.

She is also practicing theatrical performance art and is doing workshops where she is using her performance abilities to help marketers and creatives in their creative process.

Her interest in the world of animation (real and 3D) and computer gaming animation led her to studying those subjects professionally.