Andree Bock

…is a German author and copywriter, specialising in creating worlds with words. He develops corporate languages for brands such as ALPINE, a huge Austrian construction company, and CoachingAcademie, Germany’s oldest provider of personal training.
Having worked for several years as a copywriter and creative director for several well-respected advertising agencies and clients in Hamburg, Barcelona and Berlin, Andree has developed his profound expertise in both the digital and analogue sides of the business as a liaison officer, ensuring that ideas are expressed consistently throughout all communication channels.
Andree has worked for clients such as Allianz, AUDI, Bayern München, BMW, McDonalds, MINI, Peugeot, SIXT, Telekom Germany and YELLO, to name just a few.
Having worked as a freelancer for the past four years, he enjoys giving his love for literature more space and continuously cultivates his own style. He is currently working on a historical novel that is based in Berlin around the year 1800, telling the story of the rise and fall of the young Johann Bendix. His other passion is writing illustrated children’s books. Watch out for Hugo the flea!