Accenture Campus Innovation
posted on July 20th, 2015 | in inspiration

Accenture Campus Innovation

The Campus Innovation Tour is a central European experience platform used by Accenture to raise awareness and engagement as employer among university students. The experience main focus is to portray brand’s commitment to innovative technology along with offering exciting job opportunities. The itinerant tour hit 23 colleges in 3 countries – Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Viewers entered a virtual reality world thanks to the Oculus Rift. The device transported them into a virtual cinema hall, where the users experienced an exclusive presentation of the Accenture world. After the viewing, viewers were taken into a futuristic office world in the „Cityscape“ game (available here for free). By using a remote control they could take a glimpse what working in the future might feel like.

Concept and Creative Lead: Ricardo dos Santos Miquelino

Producer: Jan Fischer / Pixomondo

Lead Agency: CoPiDUS, Düsseldorf

Client: Accenture, Germany

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